erazer Treatments

IPL Hair Removal

As Intense Pulse Light (IPL) only uses light, many of the skin problems associated with other forms of hair removal are eliminated.

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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL (intense pulse light) treatment has proved highly successful in the treatment of superficial pigment and vascular lesions.

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Acne Scarring Treatment

This treatment triggers the skin’s natural healing process – rejuvenating the skin while reducing the appearance of acne and traumatic scars.

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Acne Treatment

Lack of confidence caused by acne and the resultant scarring can cause significant psychological and social problems.

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Skin Tightening and Needling

It is possible to promote the production of new, healthier collagen leading to a skin tightening and a considerable reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

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Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Results in brighter skin, reduction of epidermal hyperpigmentation, improvement of skin texture, smoothing of wrinkles and treatment of scars.

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