Acne Scar Treatment

IPL Acne Scarring Treatment

Acne Scarring Treatment

Acne Treatment Prices

Skin peel:   $60-00

IPL  spot acne treatment: $40-00

IPL  Cheeks: $110-00

Skin needling from (derma pen): $120.00

Infensif Skin Needling from: $350-00

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It can be frustrating when your acne has gone but it leaves behind marks which can be either vascular (red) or pigmented (brown) in colour that can last for months or years. In more severe cases this can be combined with skin pitting.

Superficial vascular and pigmented marks can be easily treated with IPL skin rejuvenation. Generally two to 3 treatments are required to eliminate discolouration leaving the skin looking fresher and feeling smother.

EndyMed’s RF Microneedle acne scar treatment

Introducing the Intensif, the most technologically advanced RF treatment therapy available today. The Intensif treatment handpiece provides the most effective dermal skin remodelling, deep within the skin to revive and rejuvenate the natural production of new collagen and elastin. Treatment with the Intensif triggers the skin’s natural healing process, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin while reducing the appearance of, acne and traumatic scars in all skin types.

And the benefits are long lasting – with the Intensif, your skin will continue to improve up to a year after your last treatment session!

The Intensif Advantage:

  1. The perfect minimally invasive option for the treatment of acne scars, and dilated pores.  The Intensif offers consistent results with minimal pain and downtime.
  2. The Intensif’s sterile, high quality Gold Plated Microneedles are tiny (300 microns thin) and tapered to ensure a high level of efficacy and safety with minimal discomfort.
  3. The Intensif’s shock-free motion needle insertion mechanism allows for minimal discomfort for effective and consistent treatments every time.
  4. The Intensif’s proprietary Fractionated Pulse Mode (FPM) provides enhanced heating volume for optimal collagen remodeling.

Before and After Acne Scarring Treatments

Before Acne Scar Therapy

BEFORE Acne Scarring treatment

After Acne Scar Therapy

AFTER Acne Scarring treatment

Before Traumatic Scar Therapy

BEFORE Acne Scarring treatment (combined with Fractional Skin Resurfacing)

After Traumatic Scar Therapy

AFTER Acne Scarring treatment (combined with Fractional Skin Resurfacing)

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