IPL Perth Hair Removal – Checklist

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IPL Perth Hair Removal – Checklist

All IPL hair removal in Perth is not the same. Medical grade IPL hair removal gives superior results over low energy IPL hair removal, IPL home hair removal and SPL hair removal systems. Research supports high energy IPL is required for permanent reduction. Low energy IPL hair removal treatments only result in temporary epilation.


Around 50% of our new clients have had unsatisfactory results with other clinics or beauty salons offering cheap IPL or IPL discount coupons. Most beauty salons in Perth are not investing the money required to purchase quality IPL equipment which can deliver the energy required for permanent hair reduction. After 6 treatments they can see only a small difference in their hair and are told to purchase another 6 treatments.

Below is a checklist we have put together to help you ascertain if your treatment is working for you.


Image of a man's chest with minimal hair after intense pulse light treatment

At least 90% of the hair should fall out about 2 weeks after the treatment.

How do I know if my Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment is working?

    1. At least 90% of the hair should fall out about 2 weeks after the treatment. If you are left with a ‘zebra stripe hair growth’ that’s a warning of an inaccurate treatment..
    2. Re growth should be significantly finer.
    3. Treatments should be spaced at six to eight weekly intervals, in most cases roots will not be forming and ready for treatment before this (4 weeks for facial hair).
    4. Moderate pain similar to being flicked by a rubber band – if there is no pain it probably is not working!
    5. Treatment head should suit the area being treated ie small treatment head for top lip and around the nose and larger treatment head for legs and bikini area, this ensures an accurate treatment.
    6. Be aware of unrealistic promises and guarantees.
    7. Be wary of outlaying large sums of money for pre-paid treatments, you may not be happy with the results or service or the salon may suddenly close.

IPL Hair Removal Safety

Choosing where to have your IPL hair removal can difficult, you want to get effective results so going with the cheapest price is not always the best option and on the other hand you don’t want to get serious unwanted side effects from your treatment.

We use the Lynton MF Medical IPL machine which is registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) number 145476. It is designed for safety and is maintained by Medical Technologies on a regular basis. This is essential to ensure consistent energy levels and safety for your treatment.

Our therapists have undergone accredited IPL training courses and extensive clinic training in IPL hair removal and IPL skin rejuvenation. All therapists have a minimum of 8 years’ experience in performing medical grade IPL treatments.

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