How many IPL treatments will I require?

Hair life cycle

How many IPL treatments will I require?

The number of IPL treatments you need will depend on a number of factors such as skin type, hair colour, growth cycle of the hair and the amount of reduction you require. During your consultation these factors are assessed and discussed in detail.

Understanding the growth cycle of the hair treatment.

IPL hair removal involves the use of light to destroy hairs in such a way as to inhibit their re-growth for as long as possible. In order to understand this process it is important to understand the normal hair growth cycle, which occurs in three distinct phases as shown in the image above.

Anagan – the stage at which hairs are in active growth and attached to the papilla at maximum depth within the dermis.
Catagen – the stage at which the hair growth is arrested but the hair continues to be nourished from the papilla.
Telogen – the stage at which the hair growth ceases altogether, the hair detaches from the papilla and contracts to almost one-third its original depth. The hair then falls out and the process begins once more with early anagen phase.
The percentage of hairs in each stage of the cycle, as well as the duration of each phase will vary for different body sites and for different people.

The most important phase for IPL hair removal is early anagen, as the hair is connected to and nourished by the papilla, which is still relatively close to the surface.

At this time it is possible to deposit sufficient energy into the hair shaft, the papilla and the hair bulb to cause permanent damage, which will delay or prevent future hair growth. Hairs in the catagen stage will also be affected by the treatment and will grow back much finer.  Most people will notice a significant reduction in thickness after each session. Sessions continue with the volume and thickness of the hair reducing until the desired reduction is obtained, (see image below 12 weeks after 3 treatments).

Before and after IPL Treatment

Man's back before IPL treatment with erazer

Before IPL treatment

Man's back after 3 IPL treatments with erazer

After 3 IPL treatments with Erazer


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